Website Design

Websites are the New Business Cards

Our belief is simple yet profound. We believe that everyone should be afforded the right to have an online presence. The structure of our membership package allows anyone to own a website for $500.

Monthly business website payment plans are a fresh idea to designing, updating, and managing a website for your company! They offer a great deal of value to your business without a significant upfront cost. 

Website + Hosting + Maintence
$500 Startup
plus $50 per month
  • New Website (10 pages)
  • Hosting
  • Web Maintenance
  • Professional Email Account
  • Content Update
  • Image Changes
  • Security Updates
  • Website Makeover every 2 years ($99 savings)

Extra Maintenance Time $50/hour

All maintenance plans include the following activities:

  • Text additions, content updates
  • Creation of forms
  • Creation of new pages (when layout remains the same)
  • Adding, deleting, changing links
  • Resizing images
  • Email Support
  • Weekly Security Updates
  • Spam Monitoring\

Add On Services

  • Monthly Email Report ($25)
  • Layout Changes ($30/hour)
  • Blog Posting (Training to Blog $50/hour)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Domain? What do you mean by hosting?

Every website needs a domain.  What is a domain?  It is the address to your site!  The domain for this site is You will need to decide on a domain name for your business in order to have a site. There is no guarantee that it will be available.  Every site also must pay hosting fees.  Every site resides in a server (a fancy word for a VERY large computer).  That server is the “host” for your site, and to use that space, you must pay for it.  We do not make any money on hosting fees.

How do I Pay?

Payment is set up via auto-debit.  You will always receive an email receipt when your account has been charged.

Am I locked into a Contract?

No, you can easily cancel your account anytime. At which point you will be in charge of updating your own website.

Are there any other fees?

If you don’t own your domain name yet. You will need to purchase that first. We can walk you through that process. It is quite easy. If you are looking for a custom theme that will also be added the initial $500. We make no money on the theme and a proof of the cost of the theme you choose will be sent to you.

Training ($50/hr)

We understand that some clients would prefer to maintain their own website. We will teach you how to update and maintain your website. No HTML or web design experience is necessary; however, it is definitely an asset. Because it is difficult to determine exactly how long it will take to teach you how to maintain your website, training will be billed on a per hour basis at $50/hour. The estimated time required varies depending on the complexity of your website, but the average time for training is usually 3-5 hours.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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