Free Resume

Free Resume


Client: Free Resume
Location: Online
Industry: Consulting, online, Career
Spotlight: Interactive Homepage, Original Logo



Having been a former business owner of a gym our client began help others start their own businesses. What he had noticed with many of prospective employees who wanted to work with him was they either did own a resume or the ones that were presented were outdated or lack an professionalism to them. His goal with was to create an easy and affordable process to own a professional resume that would be proud of.

Critical Issues

Our clients wanted to keep the website under 5 pages. This was a tough task given he need to engage his clients and build trust that FreeResume was the trusted organization on the job. This is also a very saturated market so creating a website that stood out was crucial.


I can’t believe how fast Mario works. He came up with a website that exceed my expectations. He came up with the idea of creating a ‘Free Resume Page’ so that even if prospective clients didn’t choose my service they could use our template and build one up for themselves. I get Thanks You emails all the time for that. Thanks again bud!

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