Household Product Reviews

Household Product Reviews


Client: Household Product Reviews
Location: Online
Industry: Home Products, Review, Amazon
Spotlight: Full Feature Product List, Affiliate Website



Household Product Reviews goal is to provide the best quality reviews of household products on the market. They are able to do this because all of the products they review are purchased by the company for use and trial.

Critical Issues

As a new company the hardest thing to do was the list the endless amount of products the company has already used. After tracking it’s purchase the company wanted to create a way to hyperlink all those products to Amazon for users to purchase. Set up this way a kickback of 4% is given to House Product Reviews for it’s referral.


Everything I asked for Mario was able to create. Been an avid customer of Amazon I wanted a way to link my reviews to the Amazon site. In doing more research I found out I could actually make money by endorsing my reviews. That’s a win-win. I’ll be using Mario again for my next crazy business idea!

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