Made For Mommyhood

Made For Mommyhood


Client: Made For Mommyhood
Location: Naples FL
Industry: Blog, Family, Home, Fitness
Spotlight: Social Media Integration, Custom Logo,



This website was created off an idea on Pinterest. Ashley knew she wanted to create a modern interface that could offer pictures, blog post, and convenient downloads of all her original printables. Her ultimate goal is to create everything “mommyhood she says. “Within my love for all things mommy, I have become an organizing addict! Everywhere I am, if it’s messy or not to my liking I tend to have the worst anxiety ever. I will be at a restaurant or at a friends house and I will just start organizing and rearranging things because I can’t focus if I don’t.”, she says. This website was created to hopefully control some of that insanity!

Critical Issues

I wasn’t sure whether that many home page features was possible. Other concerns were figuring out how to offer full page previews of her printables and copyright concerns she had of potential scammers. She also wanted a vintage logo to compliment her original “family-home-fitness” approach he maintains about life.

Our Solution

The premium theme I was able to upload offered some of those features but I had to research other special plugins to make the interface more interactive. I was able to bring the sidebar to the left and match the color sequence to the color of her custom logo that I created.


I had a general idea what I wanted but Mario blew me away with what he delivered. I am so happy that I went with him. He was super patient with me. It’s not easy dealing with me and all my design request. I love Pinterest and organization. He was able to mesh the two beautiful. One day I hope people will come to me for advice on everything Mommyhood! Thanks Mario!

Screen Shots

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