Mobility Drills

Mobility Drills


Client: Mobility Drills
Industry: Fitness, Mobilty
Spotlight: Sales Pages, Merchant Processing



What if your athletic potential was a difference of inches? What if your athletic potential was a difference of seconds? Well the fact of the matter is that it’s true….those inches…those seconds…are making all the difference in the world. In the next month, we’ll be unveiling a series of videos that will bring your athleticism to a whole new level. It’s what makes the pro’s great. Not Strength. Not Power. Not Endurance. It’s MOBILITY. What is Strength without the MOBILITY to Squat or Dead-Lift properly. What is Power without the MOBILITY to exert force on joints and not rupture them. What is Endurance without the MOBILITY to do it over and over again and not get injured. MOBILITY. IS. EVERYTHING.

Critical Issues

Client was logo for a sale page to sell their mobility products. Typically sales pages are left to be short and sweet with a call to action on the main page. I know I want to make the lettering stand out to the prospective client. We also wanted to place a disclaimer to the prospect to protect the client from potential lawsuits.


Mario created our website in less then 5 hours. I wanted the website to be exactly 3 pages that I could place my products on. I wanted the call to action to be short and sweet. Since I didn’t have a book cover yet he was able to create one for us as well. He created a cheat sheet and resource pages to follow along the mobility drills. I will definitely use Mario again to help me create other sales pages in the future.

Screen Shots

Sals Page

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