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Client: Pablo Escobar Movies
Location: Online
Industry: School, Product List, Review
Spotlight: Interactive Home Page, Review Website



As a subject matter expert Pablo Escobar our client was looking for a way he could rate all the movies and books he has read on the subject. This allowed him to share this website as a dissertion to his professor and colleagues.  Needless to say this out-of-the-box presentation allowed him to Ace his final and receive his Doctorate degree.

Critical Issues

Getting the list of books and movies up on the website was the biggest concern as there was so many to were listed for us to post. From there we created an engaging post format that was easy for his readers to navigate.


I can’t thank you enough for what you did. I came to you with a crazy idea for a school project and you delivered above and beyond. When I showed my class was we had created they were amazed. Not only was it the most creative project of the semester it finalize my Ph.D Degree. 



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