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  • Screen Printing of Naples
  • Screen Printing of Naples
  • Screen Printing of Naples


Client: Screen Printing of Naples
Location: Naples, FL
Industry: Screen Printing, Logo Design, Print
Spotlight: Customized Icons, Feature Homepage, Custom Logo



Screen Printing of Naples strives to bring the highest quality screen printing, banners, and design services to their customers. They offer one fast turn around on orders and the most competitive prices in town.

Critical Issues

Customizing specific icons according to the services offered by SPN required immense time to find the perfect design and fit. Client also wanted a blog feature they could offer weekly updates on screen printing and other informational resources about screen printing. A custom logo was also created to clearly make their brand more visible.


Mario is so great to work with. He just makes it happen. I knew I wanted a home page to feature all the services we offer but he blew me away with the custom icons on our pages. He also recommended revamping our logo. I’m too embarrassed to show you our prior logo but looking back it was terrible. We definitely lost business from a poorly designed logo. I still work with Mario to edit the website when needed and can say I’m very happy with our website. Thanks!

Screen Shots

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