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Client: Warehouse Gym Expert
Location: Online
Industry: Gyms, Business, Consulting
Spotlight: Online Modules, Paid Subscription

Website: www.warehousegymexpert.com


Warehouse Gym Expert is an online web based company that offers continual education courses in business for commercial and small studio gyms. It’s ultimate goal is to offer a wide array of modules that clients can use to help make more money.

Critical Issues

Setting up a module bases website from scratch involved a lot of work. Most of these courses were original so getting the content on the website was very time consuming. Also ensuring that the models have a linear sequence so the clients weren’t accidentally skipping important content. The client also wanted to set up a way for clients to pay on-line before being able to access the Premium modules.


Mario Ashley very pleasant to work with. I knew I was asking a lot but he was able to make it happen. He did mention that some of the things I wanted might have been beyond his capacity but he said he would try his best. He did his research and let me know that he found a way to offer those features on the website. I was so pleased to see what he created.


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